Accidental Loveliness

I recently took a stash shot featuring the Primas I currently own. It was a nice shot.



Then I set up a few of the Primas for a taper comparison shot, since one has deeper tapers than unsual. (I really love geekery details like this!)



I was all set to bundle the wraps up and take them back into my house, when my eye was caught by the ‘messy’ edge of the wraps. I’d lined up the tapers oh-so-neatly, but behind that I’d pushed the wraps around any-old-how, letting them fold and drape towards the ground.


And actually, it was really gorgeous. One of the things I love most about wraps is the way they move and drape. I never seem to capture this quality in flat shots of wraps. Any yet here, without any effort at all, was exactly that beautiful quality: the wraps doing just what wraps do. Muddly, puddly deliciousness.



My lesson from this? Things don’t need to be neat to be beautiful. And I should always remember to look twice – sometimes beauty is where we least expect it to be.

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