Woven Wrap

Didymos Sage (Salbei-Natur) Prima



Brand / weave:
Didymos / Prima
100% cotton
471 cm long, 69.5 cm wide, 240 gsm
Key words:
Mouldability, glide.


Two things stood out to me when I first wrapped with Sage: the mouldability and the ease of tightening. Combined, these two characteristics allow me to get extremely snug wrap jobs (particularly in back carries) – I feel as though I’m gluing my toddler to me! This snugness is what makes Sage so comfortable for me. It’s not cushy, but (with proper tightening) it isn’t diggy. Having Isaac hugged so closely to my body distributes his weight fantastically.




The lovely mouldability/glide combination in Sage is pleasant in front carries, but I’m particularly enjoying it with back carries. It makes absolutely beautiful chest passes. I don’t always get a perfectly snug or even chest pass, but with this wrap it’s really easy to do. The horizontal lines on indios really make any uneven tightening of a chest pass very obvious – mine are often just a little bit slanty or wavy. In Sage, they always seem to end up dead straight, even though the wrap is hugging me like a second skin. This shows just how easy it is to work with and to tighten.


Perfect alignment, superbly snug


Sage definitely has more glide than grip, but after tying off it feels nicely solid and doesn’t really go anywhere. For prolonged periods of carrying with a toddler (an hour or more), you might need to tighten once, but slippage is certainly not a big issue with this wrap. In hand Sage has quite a lot of stretch, but oddly I didn’t find it unusually stretchy (for an indio) when wrapping. It did have a nice little bit of bounce, which contributes to the overall comfort of the carries.



At 240gsm, Sage’s weight may seem on the thinner side to those used to other brands. However, this is a weight which works really well with indios. In mutli-layer carries it’s beautifully comfortably with my 23lb toddler, but I wouldn’t have any hesitation in using this with a newborn either (as it wouldn’t swamp or overwhelm them with bulky leg passes). The knot is a pleasant size – not tiny, but not huge either. I’ve found this most supportive in back carries with my toddler, but front carries have also been comfortable for up to 30 minutes.



I might hesitate to use this with a preschooler, because it isn’t a cushy wrap, and I suspect the some of the comfort from the super-snug carries might be a less effective with a seriously heavy child. (As I don’t yet have a pre-schooler, feel free to correct me on this!)



The wrapping qualities of Sage are so lovely that it’s almost easy to forget its other charm: the colour. Its grey-green seems particularly difficult to capture in photos, but I love this beautiful, lightly-coloured neutral. It’s not bold, but is gently flattering, and I really appreciate how easy it is to pair with lots of different colours. Sage’s indio weave is slightly different to usual, resulting in a beautiful ‘speckled egg’ appearance on the right side of the wrap. This is perhaps my favourite part of Sage’s appearance.




My overall impression of Sage? It’s subtle, elegant, and just my style.

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