Woven Wrap

PinkNova Polaris Morning Coffee



Brand / weave:
PinkNova / Polaris

53% bio cotton, 29% superfine wool, 18% cashmere

497cm long, 65cm wide, 299gsm

Key words:
Thick, cosy, supportive


For many babywearers, autumn is when wool wraps really come into their own – so I was excited to try out Polaris Morning Coffee just as the colder weather was arriving. A holiday from a lovely friend, this was also my first experience of Pink Nova.




My first impression of Morning Coffee was that it’s a lovely colour. It’s a true neutral brown: neither really warm nor really cool. The constrasting colour is somewhere inbetween cream and white, cool enough to form a nice, crisp contrast with the brown. The geometric design seems fairly plain when the wrap is flat or folded but becomes dynamic when wrapped; the strong lines become more fluid.




Despite only being slightly broken in when it first arrived, Morning Coffee was not at all itchy (and I can be quite wool sensitive). During the course of its visit with me, it became much softer and floppier. I’m not sure this will ever be soft in a silky/smooth way, but it is very pleasantly snuggly. It has a lovely drape – I found I wanted to use carries which gave me long tails just so I could enjoy the drape properly! Morning Coffee wasn’t notably mouldable at first, but as it became more broken in this started to emerge as more of a highlight of the wrap, making it lovely to work with. A slightly unusual feature of the wrap is wider than usual seams – I actually really liked this; they were very comfortable and felt nice in hand when tightening.




The Polaris weave is sturdy and solid. In this wool/cashmere blend, there was a nice bit of bounce and movement. I suspect that in other blends, the weave might be a little too solid for me. I found it to be pretty pull resistant. The weave gives a little grip, but that’s not a dominant feature – tightening, whilst not super smooth, was not difficult. It’s a fairly dense weave (not airy or breathable) and Morning Coffee is thick, so although I don’t have direct experience of this in the heat, I feel it’s better suited to the cooler months of the year.



The thickness and solidity of Morning Coffee may not make it your first choice in warm weather, but as a trade-off you do get an excellent amount of support. I liked this with my big 4 month old, but it really shone with my toddler (who is fast approaching 3 years old). Carrying in a Double Hammock was superbly comfortable, for both him and I. The thickness of the wrap meant it felt nicely cushioned on my shoulders, and the wooly bounce acted as a great shock absorber. I even used Morning Coffee in a Front Cross Carry with my toddler a few times, and found it as comfy as any wrap I’ve tried (the wrap hugged my back particularly nicely). Morning Coffee wouldn’t personally be my choice for a newborn, but as long as it was well broken in you could make it work.



I really enjoyed Morning Coffee, much more than I expected to. If you’re happy handling a thicker wool wrap in the warmer months, this could easily be a one-and-done wrap for you. If you’re hefting around a bigger baby or toddler, you’ll particularly appreciate the support of this wrap (I didn’t try a single layer carry with the toddler but my instinct is that the wrap could handle it). Morning Coffee is impressive, beautifully made, and has made me keen to try other Pink Nova wraps.


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