Woven Wrap

Woven Wings Northern Line



Brand / weave:
Woven Wings/ Metro Tiles

84% Egyptian cotton / 16% bourette silk

533cm long, 61cm wide, 312gsm

Key words:
Blankety, grippy, supportive


The first word which came to mind when I pulled Northern Line out of its bag was “blankety”. As I hefted its weight in my hands I could feel it was a substantial, thick wrap, but it was also wonderfully soft and floppy. It was close textured and felt fairly smooth in hand. It was a pleasure to handle!



The aesthetic of the wrap is simple, understated but strong. The shapes are not at all complicated but the varying colours introduce life and movement. The little silky nubs are wonderful; they produce a lovely, subtle speckled effect.



My first wrap job with Northern Line brought a big surprise: grip! Oh, the grippiness! From the in-hand feel this was not something I was expecting at all. When tightening, I found I had to work harder than with many of my wraps to achieve the snug wrap jobs I prefer. This was particularly true when executing a Double Hammock. I’m slightly out of practice with grippy wraps, and found I needed to use a number of different tightening techniques to work out all the slack from the second DH pass. I also sometimes found myself re-tightening, as I thought I had worked out the slack, but hadn’t quite got it all.





That being said, once I finished wrapping, everything just stayed put. Even with my enthusiastic nearly-3-year-old bouncing, leaning and outright dancing on my back, Northern Line did not budge an inch. This is not a wrap with much stretch/movement, but it produces bomb-proof carries! Because there isn’t much stretch to the wrap, I did feel the narrowness of the width with my toddler. It’s not narrow enough to cause any real problems (I just adjusted my seat securing method a little to ensure it was pinned), but it’s worth noting that it may feel different if you’re used to Woven Wings weaves with more stretch.




Northern Line felt fantastically comfy with both my 4 month old and my toddler. The feel on my shoulders was firm and solid, but supportive (no digging here). The support was particularly wonderful with my toddler – in a multi-layer carry it carried his weight very nicely indeed. The wrap I tested was well broken in and beautifully soft, in a gorgeous, blankety way. It was floppy, draped nicely and was fairly mouldable.




Because Northern Line has a close weave, I actually feel this would in many ways make a great beater. It’s not going to acquire pulls easily, and its sturdy nature inspires confidence when wrapping outdoors. The close weave and thickness means it wouldn’t be my first choice in summer, particularly in multi-layer carries. I’d also hesitate to recommend this to a beginner, due to both the grip and the design (which is similar on both faces of the wrap, making it harder for new wrappers to distinguish between them and ensure they haven’t twisted a pass). These reservations aside, this is a genuinely wonderful wrap. It was mouldable and floppy enough to hug my 4 month old. But it truly shone with my toddler, creating solid, supportive carries which just stayed put. It’s lovely as a long wrap (provided you don’t mind working around the grip), but personally I’d go for this in a shorty – I think it would be fantastic. Thanks to the grip and support, I also reckon it would do really well as a ring sling.



Classy enough to take you around town, but sturdy and strong enough to take on on adventures into the wild – ooh, Northern Line is lovely.


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