Woven Wrap

Didymos Ada



Brand / weave:
Didymos / Ada

100% cotton

480cm long, 76.5cm wide, 214gsm

Key words:
Thin, smooshy, mouldable, stretchy, textured


This is a new weave for Didymos, so I was very excited to have the chance to test it out and evaluate the wrapping qualities. When I first took Ada out of the box, I was surprised by two things: how soft it was, even in loom state, and how incredibly intricate the pattern was. Of course, intricate patterns are nothing new for Didymos, but Ada is even more detailed than their previous offerings.




Ada is a wonderful mix of dark denim blue and a warm, light grey neutral. It’s an easygoing colourway, perfect for matching with jeans. The decorative detail of Ada means I can throw the wrap on top of jeans and a plain t-shirt and feel stylish, pulled-together – great for those days when nothing is quite going according to plan and choosing a nice outfit is not a priority. I can’t quite make up my mind how I feel about the design overall; I love all the intricate detailing and the geometric style, however at times it feels a little ‘busy’. This is a personal preference and I expect there will others who love all the detail. I hope Didymos will consider releasing a low-contrast colourway, as this may minimise the ‘busy’ feel of the pattern.




I washed Ada on a standard 30 degree cycle, tumble dried on low and steam ironed. I could tell the wrap had fluffed up during the wash/dry process, but still wasn’t expecting the wrapping qualities I found. Somehow, this 214gsm all-cotton wrap almost has cush. It’s sort of squishy, or smooshy – it feels to me a little as though it has hundreds of little air pockets woven in. This makes it so comfortable to wear! Because of this puffiness it’s more supportive than I expected. Ada handled my 3 year old in a Front Cross Carry amazingly well – I did need to tighten well (you won’t get away with sloppy/loose toddler carries in this wrap) but once I did this, Ada distributed and supported the weight very nicely. I also enjoyed wrapping my 3 year old in a Double Hammock. In a DH, I found the squishy feel of the wrap disappeared, instead feeling quite flat on the shoulders. However with good tightening, Ada provided me with a snug, comfortable carry. With my large 6 month old, every carry I’ve tried has been wonderfully comfortable, allowing me to wear him for several hours at a time with absolutely no discomfort. It’s worth noting that the smooshiness of the wrap produces a slighter larger knot than I’d expect for 214gsm, but it’s by no means obtrusive.




The other notable qualities of this wrap are its thin, floppy mouldability, and dry texture. The mouldability is wonderful, easily matching the curves of my own and my children’s bodies. It’s a huge help in achieving precision carries. Ada is neither the driest nor the most textured wrap out there (certainly I had no problems tightening a second DH pass, although knots do stay nicely in place), but as this is not typically a feature of Didymos wraps it bears mentioning. Ada has some nice airy stretch and movement to it – it’s not in Lisca territory, but it’s far from a solid weave. I think it might be a little pull prone, but equally pulls will be easy to fix.



Didymos’ extra wide wraps really are very wide – Ada measures 76.5cm after washing (and a whopping 80cm in loom state!). I found the extra width of the wrap nice when wrapping my 3 year old, but at times a little awkward when wrapping my 6 month old. Because the wrap is fairly thin I don’t feel it adds a lot of extra bulk, but I do find myself adjusting the spread of fabric on my back when wearing my 6 month old in front carries, to ensure that his weight is evenly distributed along the width of the wrap. I find the width more awkward to distribute in a back carry – this hasn’t been a problem since I rarely back carry at this age, but if you’re back wrapping a small baby it’s something you may want to consider.




Ada is a truly great wrap, and I’m so excited about this new weave. It feels like Ada brings together a lot of the things Didymos does best. If you like thin, mouldable wraps with some stretch, I think you will absolutely adore Ada. Even if these wrapping qualities are not your first choice, I’d still recommend trying Ada – I have been so impressed by it, and I think you may be too.




Didymos has now released Ada. At the time of writing, it is out of stock on the Didymos website, but still available at other retailers. If you try it, please do let me know what you think!



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